Diversity and Inclusion

The Graduate School embraces its role as a leader in the University’s efforts to recruit, fund, enroll, retain, and graduate a diverse graduate student body. We are committed to building and fostering inclusive programs and practices that promote and support diversity. We believe that intellectual advancement and equity are best achieved by engaging students with a vast array of viewpoints, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, and life experiences. This diversity is essential in enriching the teaching, research, and service provided for and by graduate students. We strongly support the University’s goal of graduating students who are prepared to be productive citizens who can act as advocates for equity and inclusion.

The Graduate School Diversity Committee

Recognizing that there are many aspects of diversity at our university, the former Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Tom Reynolds, created a committee to look at issues and develop resources to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in graduate education. The Diversity Committee consists of: 

  • Dr. Katherine Hall-Hertel (Committee Chair, Associate Dean for Graduate Academic and Student Affairs)
  • Johnna Watson (Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Funding)
  • Janet Morse (Director of Graduate Academic Services)
  • Dr. Bruce Taylor (Professor, Reading and Elementary Education)
  • Dr. Cathy Howell (Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership)
  • Dr. Julie Goodliffe (Graduate School Director of Funding and Fellowships)
  • Dr. Jill Huerta (Assistant Dean and Director, Reynold's Center for Graduate Life and Learning)
  • Dr. Aura Young (Associate Director, Reynold's Center for Graduate Life and Learning)
  • Graduate and Professional Student Government representative (2023-2024 representative TBD)

Please contact Dr. Katherine Hall-Hertel at khall-hertel@charlotte.edu with any questions or concerns.