Diversity and Inclusion

The Graduate School embraces its role as a leader in the University’s efforts to recruit, fund, enroll, retain, and graduate a diverse graduate student body. We are committed to building and fostering inclusive programs and practices that promote and support diversity. We believe that intellectual advancement and equity is best achieved by engaging students with a vast array of backgrounds, viewpoints, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, abilities, gender, sexual-orientations, and life experiences. This diversity is essential in enriching the teaching, research and service provided for and by graduate students. We strongly support the University’s goal of graduating students who are prepared to be productive citizens who can act as advocates for equity and inclusion.

CGLL Diversity & Inclusion Resources

  • Affinity Lunch Series:  Each month, join us for an hour of casual conversation and networking organized around particular affinity groups. We will align the lunches with the month celebrations that take place throughout the year. The main goal of the Affinity Lunch Series is to increase your connections and provide for networking opportunities. We also want to hear from you to helps us identify the challenges that your community is facing in graduate education at UNCC.
  • GRAD 6000/8000 | Topics on Diversity and Inclusion | 2.0 credits: The objective of this course is to explore diversity and inclusion from various multi-disciplinary perspectives. Diversity is often equated with a disciplinary view rooted in social justice. Yet, over the last few years research in diversity has demonstrated numerous disciplinary-specific points of view. Groups with more diversity perform better than other groups. Companies with a diverse employee base tend to produce better financially. These various discipline-specific findings provide a strong case for why diversity matters. Given the value of diversity, how do we build organizations and systems that are inclusive?

  • GRAD 6000/8000 | Navigating Graduate School as a First Generation Scholar: This 2-credit elective course will help graduate students identify and define how their individual identities, experiences and skills can be leveraged to progress through the potentially challenging and isolating environment of graduate life.

  • Global Niner Graduate Assistant: In addition to creating, supporting, and promoting programming to support the specific needs of international graduate students, the Global Niner GA works on initiatives aimed at bringing together diverse students for inter-cultural exchange and learning. 

  • International Graduate Student Career Workshop Series: Each semester, the Center for Graduate Life and Learning collaborates with the University Career Center for a series of career workshops that address specific challenges faced by international students in the job search process. 

  • Friendly Peer Training: The CGLL hosts the Office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement's Friendly Peer Training each semester.  This session provides a better understanding of the queer and trans population, and teaches participants to be better, more friendly peers.

  • How to Write a Diversity Statement for an Academic Job Application: This workshop helps participants learn how to prepare this increasingly common and critical component of the academic job application process.

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