Dissertation Writing Support - The CGLL's Assistant Teaching Professor of Writing, Dr. Lisa Russell-Pinson, provides you with one-on-one coaching to assist in the dissertation writing process. Please email Dr. Russell-Pinson to arrange an appointment.

Dissertation Writing Group - A group that helps dissertation writers to form or refine productive writing habits, break isolation, and build community, and take advantage of structured writing time. Open to doctoral students who are actively writing dissertations and can commit to attending each 3-hour session over an 8 week period. Facilitated by Dr. Lisa Russell-Pinson, Assistant Teaching Professor. 

Writing Retreats - One weekend each semester the Center for Graduate Life and Learning holds a multi-day retreat open to any graduate student working on a large writing project. During retreats, students set SMART writing goals each day and work towards those goals during structured communal writing time. Breaks are scheduled as well to allow writers time to stretch, eat, talk, and get some fresh air. An accountability check at the end of each day spurs productivity. Check our Calendar for this semester's Writing Retreat details and to sign up. 

Write-A-Thons -  Whether you're finishing a dissertation chapter, getting ready to defend a thesis, or just trying to complete a term paper, this event is for you. A condensed version of our traditional writing retreats, the (totally free) Write-A-Thon provides structured writing time, a quiet space, goal setting, accountability, and camaraderie. Check our Calendar for upcoming Write-A-Thons. 

Night Write - The Night Write is a 3-hour writing event offered in the evenings. Jumpstart your writing by joining us for a structured evening writing session! Spend 3 hours writing in the company of other graduate students to gain focus and build momentum on a writing project. 

Weekend Write - The Weekend Write is held on Saturdays and provides two hours of structured writing time. Set your goal for the session, write synchronously with other graduate students, and then meet for a final check-in to congratulate each other on your work!

Writing Assistance -  The Writing Resources Center is committed to offering writing support to students, faculty, and staff. You can book appointments online at For concerns or questions, please email the WRC at

Graduate Writing Resources Site - The Graduate Writing Resoures website directs you to the many resources available to graduate students at UNC Charlotte. Find a collection of UNC Charlotte resources, web-based resources, and student created resources to help you develop and refine your academic writing skills during your graduate studies.