2020-2021 Stem Com Workshop Series

Previous workshops

Spring 2021How to Write About Research for the Public

(2021- 04 – 07) This workshop was facilitated by Dr. Deborah Bosley. She is Owner and Principal of The Plain Language Group. She also is Professor Emeritus of English (Technical Communication) at UNC Charlotte.

Effecting Change While on the Job Hunt: How to Search for Jobs in Places that Sincerely Manifest an Inclusive Culture (2021- 04 – 22)

Dr. Deborah Willis led this workshop on equity and inclusion in the job search. Dr. Willis is Senior Program Lead for the DEI Certificate Program at Rackham Graduate School of the University of Michigan and a member of the Graduate Career Consortium.

FALL 2020 –

STEM Communication Fundamentals: The Overview (2020-10-15)

The first meeting of the virtual lecture and workshop series, STEM Communication Fundamentals: The Overview, was Facilitatedd by Dr. Elise Demeter.

Preparing for an International STEM Experience: How to Communicate Across Borders (2020-10- 08)

International internships, fellowships, and other professional opportunities can add significant value to a STEM candidate’s CV (and anyone else’s CV or resume, for that matter!) Hosted by the very well-traveled business executive Ivanna Garibaldi Campbell.

Networking: You Know You Should, But You Don’t Know How (2020-10-22)

Participants of this session will gain insight into how to effectively network in the American context as well as in cross-cultural situations. Fellows will learn strategies for how to leverage existing contacts, how to overcome networking anxiety and cultivate connections, and how to employ research and observational skills in order to detect cultural nuances, respect boundaries, and avoid social missteps. Son Nguyen, Talent Acquisition Manager for LinkedIn, will be our guest speaker.

Communicating with Journalists and Policymakers (2020-10-29)

This session addresses how to convey research to decision-makers. Learning outcomes will include how to distill research down to its essential components in order to reach a particular audience. Participants will explore the basics of writing an op-ed piece, how to leverage their network when engaging with the media, and how to discern journalists’ agendas. They will receive tips on preparing for meetings with policymakers.

STEM Communication Series: Conveying Research through Social Media (2020-11-05)

This workshop’s speaker is Niba Nirmal, multimedia science content creator @NotesByNiba and science communicator. This workshop covers personal websites, how to choose platforms, and inclusive digital practices.
Learn more about her work here: www.notesbyniba.com

How to Speak Corporate: Essential Corporate Communication Skills (2020-11-19)

This session highlights the unique attributes of corporate communication, especially the importance of communicating succinctly. Speaker: Dr. Gary Kohut, Professor of Management, Director of the MBA Program and Dual MBA Program with EGADE Business School, Monterrey, Mexico, Belk College of Business, UNC Charlotte.

Communicating with Many Audiences Through Writing (2020-12-03)

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the importance of the audience as well as the transferability of writing skills. Dr. Heard, the author of Charles Darwin’s Barnacle and David Bowie’s Spider, has extensive experience writing scientific papers, which have their own well-established language and structural conventions.

Collaborating with Diverse Teammates: How to Communicate with Cultural Intelligence (2020-12-10)

“Cultural knowledge, the practice of mindfulness, and a repertoire of behavioral skills” are the fundamentals of good cultural intelligence. Participants will gain an understanding of how to hone these fundamental skills in order to increase their CQ. Facilitated by Dr. Deborah Willis, Program Manager for Professional & Academic Development, University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School.