Professional Development

The CGLL helps prepare you for professional life through a variety of courses, workshops, and events designed to help you develop a well-rounded skill set and strengthen and refine the five core competencies of communication, leadership, teaching, cultural engagement, and ethics and scholarly inquiry.

Of the skills and values we seek to instill in our graduate students, none are more important than integrity. It is for that reason that all doctoral students are required to complete the following two courses. Register at

Academic Integrity

GRAD 8990 | asynchronous online | 0 credits (non-graded)

REQUIRED FOR ALL DOCTORAL STUDENTS. Here at Charlotte we value sound and ethical conduct in all educational and professional pursuits. This online training addresses issues of academic integrity and the University’s policies and procedures related to violations of the Code of Student Academic Integrity. This course must be completed at the beginning of students’ first semester. Once completed, a grade of “N” (for “non-graded”) will appear in DegreeWorks.

Responsible conduct of Research

GRAD 6302/8302 | 2 credits | Pass/Unsatisfactory

REQUIRED FOR ALL DOCTORAL STUDENTS. This course focuses on practical skills and critical thinking about the responsible conduct of research, highlighting the nine areas of instruction required by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF). This course features speakers with expertise in various areas of professionalism and research ethics. Graded on a Pass/Unsatisfactory basis.