Graduate Life Ambassadors

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Grad Life Ambassadors are enthusiastic graduate students who volunteer in the Center for Graduate Life and Learning. They help to plan and run events, promote CGLL initiatives to their friends and peers, and provide feedback on how to improve the graduate student experience. As a grad life fellow, you’ll be part of a positive, energetic driven group.


  • Find Community – The CGLL is a supportive environment where you’ll really feel like you belong
  • Make an Impact – You’ll be able to suggest new initiatives and shed light on graduate student needs and concerns
  • Train to be a Leader – Learn how to plan and implement new initiatives and get experience working on multidisciplinary diverse teams
  • Network – The CGLL collaborates with partners all across campus, local employers, and community organizations
  • Serve – Include this volunteer experience on your CV/resume, and collect stories to talk about in your interviews
  • Get free Food and Swag

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