2022 3MT Winners

On November 18, twelve graduate students competed for cash prizes as they presented their research in three minutes with one slide.

The competition took place at Rowe Auditorium with a public composed of varied audiences: students, professors, politicians, and personalities working in different companies in the Charlotte area. A live stream allowed relatives, family, and friends to watch competitors in real-time and vote for them (The People’s Choice Awards).

76 students signed up to participate in the 2022 competition. The finalists were chosen from a field of 48 students who participated in the preliminary rounds.

The judges for the finals were:

  • Kim Henderson, System Chief of Staff to CEO and Enterprise Patient Experience Officer, Novant Health
  • Susan Clifford, HR Leadership Partner, Equitable
  • Tobe Holmes, Planning and Development Director, University City Partners
  • John Searby, Executive Director, Catawba Riverkeeper

Louie Alexander (MS in Bioinformatics): 1st Place

Presentation Title: “Identifying Sorghum Plant Genes to Improve Biofuel Production”.

Click here to watch his presentation!

Brittany Glover (Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision): 2nd Place

Presentation Title: “Color Me: School Counselors Going Beyond ‘Kids Don’t See Color'”.

Click here to watch her presentation!

Jade Takakuwa (MS in Bioinformatics): 3rd Place

Presentation Title: “Annotation and Characterization of the Newly Assembled Pitcher Plant Mosquito Genome”

Click here to watch her presentation!

Jannatul Ferdous (Ph.D. in Bioinformatics): People’s Choice award

Presentation Title: “Journey from Eww to Wow”

Click here to watch her presentation!