The three workshops in the SciComm Writing 101 series are open to the public. The inaugural cohort of the CGLL’s SciComm Ambassadors will receive additional hands-on training in science communication.

Interested parties must complete an application form for consideration. Ambassadors are required to attend all three workshops and all three discussion sessions, and they must produce a story prospectus by the end of the series. At that point, participants will feel confident writing and pitching their articles to news outlets of their choice.

Completing this program will make for a stand-out bullet point on your resume or LinkedIn profile, and getting an article published will be even more impressive!


 Workshop One: Intro to Science Writing Thurs., Feb. 24, 4-5 pm

  • Introduction to types of science stories using examples
  • Finding a news “peg,” developing a unique “angle”

→ Ambassadors Only: Brainstorming Session Thurs., March 3, 4-5 pmBrainstorm story ideas, set writing goals for the semesterWorkshop Two: Finding Your VoiceThurs., March 17, 4-5 pm

  • Anatomy of a story (inverted pyramid, lede, nutgraph, kicker, etc.)
  • Making scientific expertise accessible
  • Exercises for developing your voice

→ Ambassadors Only: Article RefinementThurs., March 24, 4-5 pmDiscuss story proposals, feasibility and approach, get feedback from workshop leader and peersWorkshop Three: Selling Your StoryThurs., March 31, 4-5 pm

  • Overview of science news outlets
  • How to on the pitching process (w/ sample pitches)
  • Introduction to the editing and publishing process

→ Ambassadors Only: Pitch SlamThurs., April 7, 4-5 pmReview pitches, discuss next steps for sharing with editors