Resources for Postdocs

Resources for Postdoctoral Fellows

Dining Services: Postdocs have the opportunity to choose any meal plan options with the University dining program (traditional meal or ODA). More information can be found at this link.

Library Loan Information: Postdocs are fall underneath the Ph.D. category; they are allowed to borrow books 6 months at a time and renew them twice for 6 months at a time. More information at the following link

Career Center: Postdocs can take advantage of the services/events offered by the University Career Center. Regarding strategy talks, contact Dr. Patrick Madsen.

Parking Information: Postdocs are classified as faculty/staff so they may park at faculty/staff locations on campus. More info at the following link.

UREC Information: Postdocs are classified as faculty/staff in regard to membership rates.

National Postdoctoral Association  The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit organization that seeks sustainable change and improvement for the postdoctoral experience through collaboration with all stakeholders. The NPA's key program activities are focused on three key areas: Advocacy and Education, Resource Development, and Community Building. To create your affiliate membership, visit the membership invitation page to register with a new account.

National Postdoctoral Association Career Center - Provides a specialized place where employers can post jobs either for postdocs or early career researchers in a multitude of areas and postdocs can upload their resume or CV for free to apply.

Core Competencies - the NPA provides 6 core competencies identified as critical for success in (and outside) academia. The NPA also provides a self-assessment checklist to assess your core competencies.

myIDP - Individual Development Plan - The Individual Development Plan (IDP) concept is commonly used in industry to help employees define and pursue their career goals.  In 2003, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) proposed an IDP framework for postdoctoral fellows in the sciences.  Expanding on that framework, myIDP is a unique, web-based career-planning tool tailored to meet the needs of Ph.D. students and postdocs in the sciences. Watch this video on how to take the first step in developing an IDP.

How to Find Faculty Mentors (Stanford) - A guide to selecting the best faculty mentors and how to find, approach, and interview potential mentors from Stanford University.

Multicultural Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - The purpose of the Program is to develop scholars from underrepresented groups for possible tenure track appointments at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and other research universities. Postdoctoral scholars will be engaged full-time in research, are required to be in residence each semester, and may teach only one course per fiscal year

Minority Postdoc - The premier web portal on the minority postdoctoral experience featuring news, articles, resources, and events about jobs, career advice, professional development, funding, fellowships, mentoring, and diversity issues. 

Imagine PhD - ImaginePhD is a free online career exploration and planning tool for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Humanities and social sciences Ph.D. students and their mentors have long recognized the need for more resources to help bridge the knowledge gap between doctoral education and the realm of career possibilities. ImaginePhD is designed to meet this need by allowing users to:

  • Assess their career-related skills, interests, and values
  • Explore careers paths appropriate to their disciplines
  • Create self-defined goals
  • Map out next steps for career and professional development success

Career Planning Resources (NPA) - A list of career planning resources from the National Postdoctoral Association, including resources for self-assessment, career exploration, and skill development.

The Office of Legal Affair provides Interesting tips and advice related to job interview topics. Here are some useful links:
  • Interview Rights: job interview topics that are permissible and impermissible during the interview.
  • Interview Questions: list of types of questions you may be asked during the interview process.
  • Interview Performance Assessment: a number of evaluation rubrics that search committees may use as they assess your performance in the interview.

Career Resources for Postdocs (Chapel Hill) - A collection of resources for postdocs from UNC-Chapel Hill, including a list of job boards, networking groups, and faculty resources.