What is an Ombuds? 

Are you navigating a challenge or experiencing conflict in your graduate education at UNC Charlotte? Scott Deyo, the University Ombuds, is a resource who can provide help to graduate students.

The Ombuds helps graduate students and members of the University community navigate and manage conflict in a constructive way. He is an advocate for fairness who listens to graduate students’ concerns and helps students achieve a greater understanding of the problem and possible solutions, and he looks for information and resources applicable to the situation.

The Ombuds service is an informal, neutral, and, in most cases, confidential resource.*  The Ombuds does not advocate for any individual point of view, and does not participate in any formal grievance process, but works to promote a fair process for all.

*The University Ombuds is designated as a confidential resource for the purposes of Title IX, and shall not disclose confidential information in any matter to the maximum extent permitted by law, unless the matter involves imminent risk of serious harm to self or others. Please review the full confidentiality provisions in the ombuds charter.


To make an appointment for a confidential discussion, feel free to call 704‑687‑5518 or schedule a time